Services Offered

Because I have had a wide range of experiences working with people of all ages, I consider myself a general practitioner of psychology and psychoanalysis. Patients may be confident that I am competent to offer the following services based on education, post-graduate training and 28 years of clinical experience.

  • Individual psychotherapy with children, teens and adults
  • Adult psychoanalysis
  • Couple and family psychotherapy
  • Group psychotherapy with teens and adults
  • Psychological evaluation, including selected forensic situations (excluding neuropsychological testing)
  • Consultation and clinical supervision for practicum, internship and licensure
  • Community presentations about mental health issues and inservice education

If a patient situation arises either at the onset of treatment or during the treatment that seems outside of my competency, my commitment is to consult with a senior colleague about the best way to helpfully proceed, and then to talk things over carefully with my patient.

Therapeutic approach

The primary model from which I practice is a contemporary form of psychoanalysis that has been evolving world wide in recent decades. The theory and practice of psychoanalysis originated with Drs. Joseph Breuer and Sigmund Freud in Vienna during the 1880′s, and has had profound influence in mental health treatment and culture for about 110 years.  Because I have had training and experience with multiple models of psychotherapy, particular family systems theory, I think about my patients’ questions and struggles from the perspective of both their dynamic, less conscious inner world and their more behavioral, relational outer world. My belief is that any good treatment is based on a set of common factors of change, ways of understanding and intervening that have effectively worked for therapist-patient teams across the modern history of psychotherapy. It is important in my work with patients to figure out what has not been helpful in the past and to dedicate ourselves to developing an optimal treatment plan in the present that will facilitate important changes for the future. 

What to expect when you call?

I strive to return all my practice calls usually no later than the beginning of the next business day.  As electronic devices sometimes fail us, please leave a second message if I seem slow to respond. I typically try to schedule an initial consultation within a week or so. However, I do not maintain a waiting list, and if our schedules do not match up well, I may talk with you about a referral to a trusted colleague who seems to match up with your particular circumstances.  Generally I check first with my colleague to see that space is available for my referral.  While I am not an in-network provider for any insurance panels except Medicare, my secretary Rania Turner and I will try to help you understand and access available out-of-network benefits. If you need to stay in-network due to financial considerations, I will try to help you access a provider who is part of your managed care panel.

For a first time appointment, please arrive 5-10 minutes early to fill out some brief paper work. You will find that I value starting and ending on time, a courtesy to you and my other patients, as most all of us have lives full of time-based commitments. If you are running a bit late, just call ahead and alert me.

Thank you for considering my practice.  I trust we can do some good work together.

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